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One-off Deep Cleaning

Embrace the luxury of cleanliness with Dr Pristine. Offering comprehensive one-off deep cleaning services across South West London, in prestigious areas like Kensington, Chelsea, and Canary Wharf. Tailored solutions, transparent pricing, extraordinary results.

London's Premier Intensive Cleaning

Experience extraordinary cleanliness delivered exclusively by Dr Pristine's Intensive One-Off Cleaning services. As leading professionals in South West London's cleaning industry, we transform homes and businesses, achieving an unparalleled level of cleanliness.

Our cleaning services extend throughout London's core and prestigious locations like Knightsbridge, Kensington, Chelsea, and Canary Wharf. Proudly serving high-profile clients in the city's affluent postcodes, we commit to exceptional quality and scrupulous attention to detail.

What sets our Thorough Cleaning service apart?

  • Exhaustive Cleanliness: We leave no stone unturned - every surface, from kitchen countertops to bathroom tiles, is meticulously cleaned.

  • Appliance Deep Clean: Our team ensures hygienic conditions by diligently cleaning all your appliances, inside and out.

  • Focused Floor Care: We provide detailed floor and carpet care from sweeping and mopping to vacuuming.

Why choose Dr Pristine?

  • Professional Cleaners: Our ID-verified cleaning experts have the skills and experience to provide unrivalled service.

  • Bespoke Cleaning: We adapt our cleaning strategies to your specific needs and preferences.

  • Honest Pricing: Our Fixed Price Promise ensures no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises.

Choose Dr Pristine and select a lifestyle that values cleanliness and tranquillity. Experience a new standard of cleanliness and luxury with our professional deep clean service. Get in touch today to schedule your intensive cleaning session.





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